Yes Honestly COMPLETE S 1-2

Yes, Honestly COMPLETE S 1-2

Liza Goddard and Donal Donnelly star in this sparkling sitcom which follows the blossoming romance between Matthew Browne, a struggling composer, and his secretary Lily Pond. Spinning off from LWT’s popular No Honestly (starring Pauline Collins and John Alderton), Yes Honestly was again written by husband and wife team Terence Brady and best-selling author Charlotte Bingham.

Matthew and Lily make a charming young couple, despite their differences. But though they’re very much in love, they seem to encounter more than their fair share of obstacles and inconveniences, including visits from Lily’s eccentric Russian family and Matt’s dreaded mother, and a persistent scarcity of funds – not helped when Matthew’s disapproving family decide to cut him off without a shilling…

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